Luca Reborn

Luca as not-a-slave




Is as complete as he’s getting.  Could have tightened up everything to match the katana and jitte, but I realized it wouldn’t match the bg if I did. I should soften the weapons, but I can’t bear it. so a mixmatch, but its finally finally finally finally finished.

Yo-Shi-No-RiSIGNED2 different characters painting in the same setting. 3 years apart in paintings (though i admit that I let Yoshinori stagnate for at least a year’s worth of not-painting). Can see an increase in skill but the lazy rendering in the newest kind of ruins it. Keiji’s background is over rendered and even though it’s shiny silk, I used wayyy to much dodge-burn. But then Yoshinori’s has a dreamy quality that isn’t so much reflected in the figure of the piece, well not all of it anyway.



I updated/organized the sketchdump page and included the entire girls sketchbook for the 40 Days of Girls challenge (Girls book is password protected; please contact me for access thx!)

Sketchdump Gallery:

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At the beginning of February I decided to start a series of “challenges,” or confidence builders.  First was 40 days of drawing females (to fill out the girl’s sketchbook).  1 sketch per day each weekday (I could have weekends off), just to build consistency and confidence.  I am glad to say I have completed the first set and will be choosing some worthy sketches to upload soon.  I have moved onto the second challenge, 40 days of drawing males, of which I am currently on day 13.  Next will be couples/groups.  I am also trying to teach myself C++ in order to move onto java.